Sunday, April 17, 2011

"Create a Name for My New Card Shop" Challenge

Here is a small sample of some of my handmade greeting cards. As you can see my designing style is eclectic, just like my jewelry designs.

I have really been enjoying making cards and have been selling them at fairs and also to local customers and friends.

Since I love doing this so much I have decided to open an online card shop. However, right now I am a bit creatively blocked about a name--want it short and sweet.

With this in mind I'm making "creating a name for my new card shop" a guild challenge. I figure that with all you creative artisans I will have a nice selection of names to think about.

And yes, there will be a reward for the shop that comes up with a name that I feel connected to.

I am offering a nice selection of vintage beads or this bracelet :

Swarovski light amethyst crystals, purple cat eye beads, and sterling silver Bali toggle closure.

It is for sale in my Beadlady5 studio--here is the link for all the details:
So now you have it:

You can post as many names as you'd like until April 30th. That's the deadline and I will need a few days to make my pick.

Any questions??? Just contact me through one of my studios:

Let's get those thinking caps on...

Looking forward to your creative picks...


Sunday, February 27, 2011

Ajdjss Guild Valentine Challenge '2011

For this latest guild challenge members were asked to create a "Funky" Heart out of any media.
Yes, Valentine's Day has come and gone--however, a group of our members has brought it back with their "Funky" Heart creations below:

Heart Wings Butterfly Steampunk Pendant by "DesertRubble"
(Metallic Clay)

Sterling Silver Wire Curly Heart w/ Handmade Heart Lampwork Focal Bead by "ElementalDreams"
(Wired Wrapped and Handmade Lampwork Bead)

by "CalysJewelryCreations"
(Polymer Clay)

by "SWdesigns"
(Bead Woven Seed Beads)

Crystal Pendant by "PinkyMonkey"
(Swarovski Crystals)

Mixed Media Paper Heart by "Beadlady5"
(Paper, Buttons,Feathers,Charms,Ribbon,Pearl Cabochons,Rhinestones)

"Purple and Green" Guild Challenge Heart by "Beadlady5"
(Mixed Metals, and Crystals)

Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Ajdjss Purple and Green Kit Challenge Giveaway

Quite a while back the guild was given a challenge to create a piece of jewelry using purple and green beads. All members who signed up for the challenge was paired up with another member and asked to create a special kit that contained a focal piece and 8 beads to accent this focal piece. A clasp also was part of this kit. When the kits were ready the members who were paired up exchanged their kits with each other.

Each participating guild studio was allowed to add more beads and any other accents to the original kit for their creation.

The following members of the guild were brave enough to take on this challenge:

1. KottageKreations

2. BWdesigns

3. BluetAbbyStudios

4. ExqusiteStudios

5. AridanFashions

6. PinkyMonkey

7. JewelsOutofTime


After a period of time the entries were sent in for us all to enjoy. Here are most of the "Before and all of the After" pictures for each studios entry.

1. PinkyMonkey:

2. BWDesigns:

3. ExqusiteStudios:

4. AridanFashions:

5. Beadlady5:

6. JewelsOutofTime:

7. KottageKreations:

8. BluetAbbyStudios:

Now onto our Guild Challenge "Giveaway" Necklace Set--Here are the pictures of this gift.

Here are the rules for winning this Black and Gold Czech Glass Beaded Necklace Set:

1. Promote this challenge or any of the pieces you like on your Blog, Tweeter, and/or Facebook.

2. Please place a comment about this challenge below along with the link to your actual promotion/promotions.

3. The more you promote, the more your chances of winning are increased because every time that you promote this challenge you will be entered once again for the giveaway.

4. The person who promotes this giveaway the most will receive the necklace set.

Good luck... :o)

The Ajdjss Guild~Studios with unique and beautiful handmade jewelry and fabulous jewelry supplies~