Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Ajdjss Purple and Green Kit Challenge Giveaway

Quite a while back the guild was given a challenge to create a piece of jewelry using purple and green beads. All members who signed up for the challenge was paired up with another member and asked to create a special kit that contained a focal piece and 8 beads to accent this focal piece. A clasp also was part of this kit. When the kits were ready the members who were paired up exchanged their kits with each other.

Each participating guild studio was allowed to add more beads and any other accents to the original kit for their creation.

The following members of the guild were brave enough to take on this challenge:

1. KottageKreations

2. BWdesigns

3. BluetAbbyStudios

4. ExqusiteStudios

5. AridanFashions

6. PinkyMonkey

7. JewelsOutofTime


After a period of time the entries were sent in for us all to enjoy. Here are most of the "Before and all of the After" pictures for each studios entry.

1. PinkyMonkey:

2. BWDesigns:

3. ExqusiteStudios:

4. AridanFashions:

5. Beadlady5:

6. JewelsOutofTime:

7. KottageKreations:

8. BluetAbbyStudios:

Now onto our Guild Challenge "Giveaway" Necklace Set--Here are the pictures of this gift.

Here are the rules for winning this Black and Gold Czech Glass Beaded Necklace Set:

1. Promote this challenge or any of the pieces you like on your Blog, Tweeter, and/or Facebook.

2. Please place a comment about this challenge below along with the link to your actual promotion/promotions.

3. The more you promote, the more your chances of winning are increased because every time that you promote this challenge you will be entered once again for the giveaway.

4. The person who promotes this giveaway the most will receive the necklace set.

Good luck... :o)

The Ajdjss Guild~Studios with unique and beautiful handmade jewelry and fabulous jewelry supplies~


  1. this is soooo kewl! good job everyone!

  2. Wow, they all turned out beautifully. Promoted on my facebook page,!/pages/Blissful-Garden-Beads/122597334419888

  3. Sent out a link to this on my twitter page:!/rlsdesign


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  6. posted on facebook too!

  7. Posted on my blog!

  8. All of these are absolutely gorgeous!! What a creative bunch we have on AJDJSS! I'm so proud to be a member! I've posted to FB and tweeted it - although I need to learn more about both! Especially tweets! heehee Great job, Everyone! This was SO MUCH fun!!

  9. These are all beautiful!! You guys are amazing! Off to twitter.

  10. WOW!!!! THIS is so completely exciting to see all of these great designs! EXCELLENT JOB Y'ALL!! Em/ExquisiteStudios

  11. Well done ladies...!!! Beautiful pieces..!

  12. Beautiful, beautiful creations. Just tweeted about them. Great work ladies!

  13. Absolutely stunning pieces. Hats off to all jewelry artists.

    I'm not seeing the 'buttons' that allow easy promotion of this posting but I will try to BlogThis if I can figure out how.

  14. Wow!! Great work guys..:-) Thank you for including the befores as well as the finished pieces. I love to see where the creative process takes others. I have posted to my FB page at
    Congrats to all who participated..