Sunday, April 17, 2011

"Create a Name for My New Card Shop" Challenge

Here is a small sample of some of my handmade greeting cards. As you can see my designing style is eclectic, just like my jewelry designs.

I have really been enjoying making cards and have been selling them at fairs and also to local customers and friends.

Since I love doing this so much I have decided to open an online card shop. However, right now I am a bit creatively blocked about a name--want it short and sweet.

With this in mind I'm making "creating a name for my new card shop" a guild challenge. I figure that with all you creative artisans I will have a nice selection of names to think about.

And yes, there will be a reward for the shop that comes up with a name that I feel connected to.

I am offering a nice selection of vintage beads or this bracelet :

Swarovski light amethyst crystals, purple cat eye beads, and sterling silver Bali toggle closure.

It is for sale in my Beadlady5 studio--here is the link for all the details:
So now you have it:

You can post as many names as you'd like until April 30th. That's the deadline and I will need a few days to make my pick.

Any questions??? Just contact me through one of my studios:

Let's get those thinking caps on...

Looking forward to your creative picks...