Sunday, April 17, 2011

"Create a Name for My New Card Shop" Challenge

Here is a small sample of some of my handmade greeting cards. As you can see my designing style is eclectic, just like my jewelry designs.

I have really been enjoying making cards and have been selling them at fairs and also to local customers and friends.

Since I love doing this so much I have decided to open an online card shop. However, right now I am a bit creatively blocked about a name--want it short and sweet.

With this in mind I'm making "creating a name for my new card shop" a guild challenge. I figure that with all you creative artisans I will have a nice selection of names to think about.

And yes, there will be a reward for the shop that comes up with a name that I feel connected to.

I am offering a nice selection of vintage beads or this bracelet :

Swarovski light amethyst crystals, purple cat eye beads, and sterling silver Bali toggle closure.

It is for sale in my Beadlady5 studio--here is the link for all the details:
So now you have it:

You can post as many names as you'd like until April 30th. That's the deadline and I will need a few days to make my pick.

Any questions??? Just contact me through one of my studios:

Let's get those thinking caps on...

Looking forward to your creative picks...



  1. Am in anticipation of your creative thoughts.
    Tally Ho, and away you go...

  2. Just off the top of my head....
    MargosPaperazzi or Lady Paperazzi or PapperazziCards or just plain Paperazzi..after all, each one is a star! :-)

  3. "The special Occation shop"
    "The personal touch"

  4. Why not Eclectic Cards? :-) Too simple, obvious?

  5. I like Electic Cards too, but if your looking for branding, might make it BeadLady 5 Designs Cards (Plus) and add plus or something if you go into other items. Too long?

  6. Oh, I can't think of any name, but I just wanted to let you know that the cards are amazing! Excellent work, I absolutely love them.

  7. I love the suggestions made already. Just wanted you to know that the cards are lovely & I wish you much success & sales.

  8. Even though your work is eclectic, I love it. If I were shopping for cards, to me these are my idea of dream cards, rich, lovely and perfect. With that in mind, how about Margo's Dream Cards?

  9. Love your cards!

    This is what my brainstorming came up with ...

    Lady Card Designs
    Beadlady5 Card Designs
    Card Designs by Beadlady5
    Cards to Treasure by Beadlady5
    Sweet Touch Card Shop
    Sweet Touch Greetings
    Dear Delight Greetings
    Heart's Desire Greetings
    Heart's Desire Designs
    Dear Delight Cards by Beadlady5
    Day's Delight Cards
    Sweet Sundry Greetings
    Happy Greetings by Beadlady5
    Pathway Cards by Beadlady5
    Happy Surprise Greetings
    Beadlady5 Card Boudoir

    Whatever name you end up with, I hope your cards are a big success! :)

  10. It's All In The Cards

  11. "Pick a Card, Any Card"

    "It's In The Cards"

  12. So who won? Inquiring minds want to know! ;)

  13. Why not simply...


    I know it's after the cut off date...

  14. You are all very creative in your naming. I like a lot of the names already created such as

    Eclectic Cards

    and Card Boudoir.

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