Monday, May 3, 2010

"The First Sign of Spring" Represented in Earrings

"The First Sign of Spring" Represented in Earrings

Which Pair of Earrings Best Represents "The First Signs of Spring"?
The Ajdjss Guild had a challenge to create a pair of earrings that would be a representation of "The First Sign of Spring". There were 15 fabulous entries for this challenge. The guild studios voted and 4 of the most voted entries are shown below.
The Ajdjss guild invites you to look at these wonderful 4 pairs of earrings and decide which you think best represents the guild challenge "The First Signs of Spring". Please place your vote below. Thanks so very much for your support in this vote.
#1 Created by CatsAllThat aka Kathy

#2 Created by GramnanMoore aka Nancy

#3 Created by SWdesigns aka Stacey

#4 Created by Julies_Jewels aka Julie