Sunday, March 7, 2010

"For the Love of Green"

In honor of St. Patrick's Day we are having a "treasure hunt" to find the "pot of gold" at the end of the rainbow. Actually it's a pot of earrings at the end of the rainbow--

Now , how do you go about finding it?

Well, you have to read each clue that I have provided below and locate only 12 green items that fit 12 of the clues.

All the studios (and then some) with the items are listed below. Just click on the studio to be taken to the front page where the green item to answer your clue will be found.

When you have all 12 items you are to place a comment below stating that you have found the items and the studios that you found them in. Then you will contact me through my studio to list all 12 items. Do not list the items below--hey, after all that work you don't need to share--it's okay not to share here!

REMEMBER: there are 20 clues listed but you need to find only 12 of the "pieces of green treasure!

There will be 3 winners of a pair of "green earrings" each. This "green" hunt will continue through midnight of St. Patrick's Day.

All correct entries will be put on a separate sheet of paper and then placed in a bowl--3 of the papers will be taken out at random to find the 3 winners. Good luck and have fun.

Here are your Clues:

1. It's green but really chunky...

2. It's got swirls of green...

3. It's a tiger iron heart...

4. It's emerald but not an isle...

5. It's a frog but it's not green...

6. It's adventurine and green and with a zig zag...

7. Did the Irish create green turquoise...

8. Dragonflies can sparkle in green...

9. Why it's Brazilian not Irish...

10. It's big, a briolette, and green...

11. It's green swirls and it's lentils...

12. It's a peacock feather...

13. It's a decorative green wire wrapped ring...

14. It's a fish out of water...

15. It's 2 green hearts...

16. It's a green transformation...

17. It's a green opal...

18. It's green and ruffled...

19. It's a wire wrapped aqua green rainbow...

20. It's assymetrical but it has heart...

Here are the studios to search in:

1. Beadlady5

2. BeadsbyHaffina

3. BrokenWingDesigns

4. Catinalife

5. CreationsWithHeart


7. darqlady

8. deStashNotTrash

9. freshstringbeads

10. GeekyGifts

11. GlassandWireGems

12. JeannieGalt

13. JewelrybyJanzia

14. JewelsOutofTime

15. JSmaz

16. Jinx1764

17. KatsAllThat

18. Krystallized

19. lajewelrydesigns

20. minordetails

21. popnicute

22. popnicutesupplies

23. RiversEdgeGlass

24. RougeRiverBeads

25. RoyalDesigns

26. RubyMtnBeads

27. SilverBirchDesigns

28. SingingTreeStudios

29. SupplyCloset

30. SuzanneStevens

Well, now you have everything you need to locate the "pot of gold" at the end of the rainbow--Good Luck and have fun hunting...

ttyl, margo


  1. This is a really great idea, Margo! (no, I don't have all the answers yet!). Makes for fun window shopping and good promos for the members. Cheers!

  2. Great idea, Margo, and a challenge and so much fun searching through other studios and see what they have. Who knows what exciting items we'll find!

  3. All the best to the contestants :)

  4. Great idea Margo! I'll be sharing it on my blog later today.

  5. I found the items and the studios..well Im pretty sure I have. :)

  6. Found more than the required 12. It was so much fun I just kept going... :)

  7. I am SO glad you found out how to post comments on here! YAY Rani!

  8. Well, I'm trying... So, ummm... I'm new here, and found the link to this contest on a friends facebook page (thx, divapixie). I signed up for a blog so I could participate, but I'm not sure where to post my list of answers...

    I want new green earrings!!! :)

  9. Hey Rani,
    contact me through my shop with your answers

    looking forward to hearing from you, margo

  10. This was so much fun ! I hope I got a few of them right ! Thanks Margo !

  11. Thanks, Margo! I think I got it right, or at least I hope I did! :)

  12. What fun. I've challenged myself. I thought I had to find 16. So I have more than 12.

  13. I found the items and the shops they're listed in...I will contact you in your shop with my details..thanks for the fun contest!!!I hope I win!!!

  14. It's been Plurked and of luck to all participants..

  15. It was hard for me! I finaly found most of them, studios and items