Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Ajdjss Guild Valentine Day Challenge

The Ajdjss Guild is having a challenge in honor of "Valentine's Day". Below you will find 12 pictures of Valentine creations and supplies for creations from different member's studios.

See if you can identify all the 12 studios who are offering these items for sale.

Use the links to the member studios on our guild blog: http://ajdjss.blogspot.com/ to visit member studios.

When you have the list of the 12 studios leave a comment with the names and your name and email address or some way to get in touch with you.

The first 5 people to name all the correct studios will receive a free packet of vintage beads from my vintage bead collection, which is quite huge.

How good a sleuth are you? Come on and take a chance, who knows you can win a free bag of lovely vintage beads.
Here are the lovely and wonderful items for sale that are great for "Valentine's Day" to hunt for:












Well now you have all 12 items to look for. Now remember once you have identified the 12 studios that these items are located in please leave your list of studios in order in your comment below and your name with an email address to contact you.
The Ajdjss Guild~~~Studios with unique and beautiful handmade jewelry and fabulous jewelry supplies~~~


  1. So happy to report that we have our 1st winner already--WooHoo

  2. Not an easy task for a blind woman, but here it goes - gravelroad, albellaluna,exquisitestudios, creationswithheart, popnicute, thesupplycloset,willowwalker, pixiedustfineries, ANYLADY, bijouxdesigns, allearringsandsupplies, almondtree - what a humbling experience that was!


  3. This is such a fantastic idea, I love it! It will be interesting to see how many people figure it out! :)

  4. Nice Lady - I believe #6 is rougeriverbeads!?!

  5. Wow..this took me literally days! #10 was the hardest to find.
    1. Gravel Road
    2. LaBellaLuna
    3. Exquisite Studios
    4. Creations with heart
    5. Popnicute
    6. Rouge River

    Contact me: kitkit75@socal.rr.com or through my artfire studio katsallthat.artfire.com
    7. WillowWalker
    8. PixieDustFineries
    9. Beadlady5

  6. Oh... I was late to come to this... Just before I saw the answers above, I believe I've got the 1st and 3rd pictures right :-)

    Il Mare Atelier's Blog

  7. Hey guys we have 3 winners now--Yippee, hooray, fabulous and so forth...
    Winners will be notified through their shops or emails--
    ttyl, margo :o)

  8. This was fun. Lost a couple hours of sleep finding everyone. I thought #'s 10 & 12 were the hardest to find. 1-Gravel Road Jewelry, 2-LaBellaLuna, 3-Exquisite Studios, 4-Creations With A Heart, 5-Popnicuti, 6-Rouge River, 7-ME! :)-WillowWalker, 8-PixieDustFineries, 9-BeadLady5, 10-BijouxDesignsForYou, 11-Allearring&supplies, 12-Almond Tree!

  9. So I am pronouncing this Challenge over--
    We have our 4 winners--Hooray--